About burning belly

The image above was taken from the verandah of a cottage where I escape to write now and again. It’s in Awhitu, on the other side of the Manukau Harbour from Auckland, NZ, and it’s probably my favourite place in the world.

I’ve written stuff my whole life.

In school it was stories that I hoped would entertain my teachers. When I dropped out of uni because I failed to get into law, I became a daily news reporter. I wrote a book on the Mafia in Western Australia. Later, I became a radio journalist, then a managing editor of country newspapers. I escaped journalism about a year after the Gracetown cliff collapse in 1996 and studied theology for almost 10 years—I needed to understand whether it was possible to maintain faith in a world where innocent children and their adult supervisors could be crushed to death so arbitrarily. The answer was … yes, but it’s a struggle.

I did the academic thing for a while. That ended in litigation. I published a news magazine in Auckland for a while. That ended in litigation too. I became a full-time writer. That’s involved litigation as well.

What am I? I guess I’m a writer first, a theologian second … probably an entertainer third (David Brent reference). Whatever I am, I love to write, and I have more things to say than what I can fit into the book projects that occupy most of my time. Hence this … the Burning Belly blog.

The title is something I’ve used for years and it comes from Jeremiah 20:9. Go read it and figure it out.