We are not like this: No?

I apologise beforehand for any offence. This is just rage.


I gotta be honest though, I hate the fucking Facebook profile sticker that says, This is not who we are. Sure, we’re not America, we don’t do this every day, it’s not a pastime or a sport or a way to fill the news cycle when the scandal has dried up. And yeah, this shocks us because it’s death, it’s massacre, on a massive scale, and it’s insanity, and it’s evil and it’s fucking meaningless, and the photo of the shooter won’t leave my head because he looks like me and every other white guy who has that violence in him. And what’s worse he’s an Aussie, a fucking Aussie, who came here to train, to learn how to kill people, and decided to take it out on the local Muslims instead. That makes no fucking sense.

So, spare the prayers, because it’s too late. He’s done his worst. He’s massacred people during prayers, pursued them to locked church doors and gunned them down as they prayed and screamed to the same God they were JUST praying to. So what’s the point of praying? To ease the suffering of who??? You can’t. We can’t. God can’t. Or worse, he won’t.

And yeah, we don’t do this every day. But you know what we do do every day? We let our refugees and immigrants, particularly if they are Indian, or Afghani, or Iranian, or Iraqi, or African … we don’t actually allow them to be part of our society. They are our under class. Our slave class. Our cleaners. Our Uber drivers. Our dairy owners. You know why? Because we don’t let them be the lawyers and the doctors and the academics that they were back home. Why not? Because we want people to clean the shit from our porcelain. We want drivers. We want people to serve us with cigarettes and chocolate. Preferably black people. So how are we better than America? We don’t want them to be equal with us … we want them to serve us. And our system stops them becoming anything else. Anything better. Anything that will threaten the status quo that benefits us. Kiwis. Australian expats. Poms. White People. People with privilege, and more privilege, and then more and more. The people gunned down today were never going to be allowed to be our equals in this society. This sytem. And what that fucker did today was reinforce it. By wiping them out, like rats. But guess who put them in the cage in the first place? We did.

I went to Avondale markets to find the refugees from the Tampa. Oh, weren’t we great, letting in the refugees that Australia refused. You know who I met there? Doctors. Lawyers. Academics. Do you know what they were doing for a living? Not medicine. Not law. Not education. They were selling fucking junk that they picked up from the roadside verges — shit that the people with privilege left there for them, like fucking beggars. Here. Here’s my shit. Go make a couple of bob with it, and don’t let us see you round here again until next Saturday morning, when there’ll be a new pile of shit on the roadside for you.

No. We’re not like this. We don’t gun people down. But we’re not that good either. So in our rush to be sanctimonious and offer up our prayers and our thoughts, let’s never forget that yes, we let people in the door …. but we make them sleep in the fucking scullery. 

One thought on “We are not like this: No?

  1. This is a rant, and a very biased one. Sure, its tough being a migrant or a refugee – always has been, always will be – the Irish in New York, the Poles or Dutch in NZ 1940s, even my ancestor immigrants in NZ in the 1850s.
    I helped settle a large group of Cambodian survivors form the killng fields. At first they worked in factories; grew their own veges. Then they bought vege shops and made money. Now they are worth millions and their kids have top-quality degrees and careers – all in 40 years. They are thankful for all New Zealander’s have done for them. So will the current immigrants be – if don’t kill them first. Lets stop blaming and just keep doing good for the ‘strangers in our midst’. Don Battley (Rev)


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