Why The Accountant is like a lamb chop

Movie #3, The Accountant

I don’t know why this movie is in our iTunes library. It must have been $4.99 at the time I bought it. I think there were elements I enjoyed when I first saw it, but it’s certainly not a keeper. It’s like a barbecued lamb chop that you discover is mostly gristly, uncooked fat. Seriously, there’s at least 45 minutes you could cut from this movie and no one would notice. Scenes go on too long, there are subplots that don’t need to be there, then there’s an horrendous scene of exposition, from that actor who played the teacher in that jazz movie (JK Simmons), that goes on and on and on. Awful stuff.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the movie stars the barely tolerable Ben Affleck. Ugh. He can’t even do autism.

‘Boring,’ said Olivia.

Esther likes the movie but was on her phone the whole time.

I just felt embarrassed.

You can ‘hide’ your purchases from your iTunes library. I think The Accountant will go the way of the dark family secret.

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